’s “Crypto Earn”- What is it and why use it?

UPDATED 11/05/2020: is a Malta based platform that pays interest to digital asset holders that use the “Crypto Earn” service.

Users can earn up to 18% APY on a range of digital assets, including popular cryptos and stablecoins. The very high rates quickly attracts attention, though there are some caveats. But importantly, there are still some incredible opportunities to earn an attractive yield from our digital assets with Hence at CredEarn Expert we’ve used the Crypto Earn service since October 2019. It’s pretty user friendly and has consistently provided what we expected on signing up.

How do we earn?

First we need to download the app and register for an account. Then we deposit our digital assets into the wallet, navigate to “Crypto Earn”, agree to the terms and commit the assets of our choice. Then it’s very easy to track our earning in the app as payments occur every Sunday, see our example of 500 XRP:

Payments are made in the asset we commit, though there are options to earn more if we choose to receive alternative payments.

Crypto Earn offers THREE ways to earn interest and from these it can be thought of as a hybrid of CredEarn and Celsius Network. It offers the flexibility of Celsius Network in terms of access to assets, while also offering lockup periods with higher rates, similar to CredEarn. It shares similarities with both by granting access to higher rates via staking utility tokens. Take a look at this screenshot from the app:

Example starting a term with the CRO token

Say we commit 1000 CRO in one of the above terms:
Every Sunday an interest payment of CRO will be paid into our wallet balance. Note that the new balance is immediately accessible so we can withdraw or transact with it as we like.

Unlike some other platforms, Crypto Earn has minimum requirements to start a term and it doesn’t offer compounding interest. So the interest rate shown is really what you get. At CredEarn Expert we prefer to work with AER / APY to compare like to like but it isn’t possible here.

What Digital Assets are included?

AssetSymbolStandard %MCO Staked %
MCOMCO48 CoinCRO1618
Bitcoin CashBCH34
Binance CoinBNB46
USD CoinUSDC1012
Basic Attention TokenBAT46
Paxos StandardPAX1012
To achieve the higher rates users must own and stake 500 MCO in the wallet.
Currently around $2500 USD.

How does keep our assets safe? appears to be one of the most transparent platforms in the space and this holds true for informing us about their security measures.

100% of user cryptocurrencies are held in cold storage. They have a partnership with Ledger, leveraging their institutional grade custody solution “Ledger Vault” and on the insurance side, is covered up to $360 million USD to safeguard against theft or loss.

Fiat Currencies: keeps fiat currency of customers in custodian bank accounts that are secured and regulated. If you are a US resident, your USD balances are covered by FDIC insurance, up to US$250,000. You retain ownership of the currencies in bank accounts, i.e., your fiat funds could not be claimed by or its creditors.


For further information about’s security measures, please visit their Security Page.

Bringing it all together

Crypto Earn is a simple platform to earn from digital assets and arguably has the best benefits surrounding the native tokens, MCO and CRO, when compared to CredEarn and Celsius Network. It has a unique variety of offerings and with time we’re sure they’ll only get better.

Unfortunately it isn’t as accessible as other platforms due to the minimum deposits and relatively high cost to achieve the higher rates. However it doesn’t stop Crypto Earn winning the interest rate battle on some fronts and that’s why we use it frequently!

Hopefully this post was helpful, however you must understand that you are taking on more risk than in traditional finance. We urge you to do some more research and have a look at the alternatives too, see Celsius Network and CredEarn

You can find a list of what we consider to be the strongest platforms in this space on our Homepage.

If you decide to go ahead please start small and have a mid to long term goal. With that said you can check back here for further updates down the road.

What should you do now?

Follow us on Twitter @Credearn and feel free to get in touch if you have questions or suggestions.


Last updated March 01, 2019

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