LBA – The Next Binance Coin BNB?

When you look around the crypto market there are still some incredible stories of true value being achieved. Just take a look at Binance Coin BNB.

Cred earn credearn expert lba xrp BnB Binance Uphold
BNB since public offering

Starting its life at a little over 8 cents, it saw the dramatic rise of the January 2018 parabolic run. Yet it has performed exceptionally during the bear market and looks resurgent in 2019, sitting below $20 just 17% off its all time high.

There was hype but now there is something more powerful – utility. BNB is THE success story of utility tokens, offering owners advantages in the Binance ecosystem.

Good for BNB, what about LBA?

LBA has had a different journey so far. Offered to the public during the 2018 bear market, it saw its initial price of around 22 cents decimated to under 1 cent. I would chalk it up as bad timing and no utility at the time.

Cred earn Expert credearn lba xrp Uphold
LBA since public offering

But now things have changed. LBA, under the stewardship of CRED has found its utility. Through Uphold & CredEarn, owners can now benefit from significant interest rate hikes in assets like XRP (9%), if they hold the token.

There is now true added value for being a holder of LBA and CRED plans to keep adding new incentives for investors.

LBA Price Since Incentives Announced

Cred earn credearn lba xrp Uphold Expert upp
LBA over the last 90 days

The price has responded to the added utility of LBA and has gathered momentum. I have seen first hand through my CredEarn investments that it’s a no-brainer to hold at least 10,000 to get the interest rate increases.

BNB & LBA Over Last Month

Comparing the two over the last 30 days reveals a similar pattern of achieving higher highs and higher lows, with good volume. The momentum appears to be with the utility.

Cred earn credearn Expert lba BnB Binance Uphold
BNB over last 30 days
Cred earn credearn Expert lba BnB xrp Binance Uphold
LBA over last 30 days


It seems very likely that Binance Coin BNB will achieve new all time highs. They have found a model which adds value to the token.

LBA has potential and with the support of CRED, Uphold and the Universal Protocol Alliance – it should garner more usage and therefore more investment. It remains to be seen if it can push back up to the all time high and beyond but I wouldn’t rule it out!

CredEarn Expert.