LBA by Cred – What is it?

LBA is the Lend Borrow Asset from Cred. It’s a utility token made to give customers unique benefits for financial services. You can use it to lower interest rates on loans and increase interest on deposits with CredEarn!

At the time of writing, CredEarn customers with 10k LBA (around $100) will earn 9% on XRP, 7% on ETH and 5% on USD. These rates are better than standard for these assets. LBA can be bought on Uphold and a few other exchanges, including Huobi and it can be easily staked into CredEarn programs. I found that I only needed to stake 10k once to achieve the higher rates for the next programs. See here for a breakdown of how to buy LBA on Uphold.

LBA CredEarn Expert Uphold
10k LBA Staked

Token holders will see new benefits every month to enhance their CRED experience, so look out for updates.

According to CRED’s February 2019 Monthly Report, over 10% of all available LBA tokens are now held with Uphold. I’m a fan of that because Uphold is transparent about their holdings and obligations. Take a look for yourself.

LBA Complete. What should you do now?

Make sure to follow CredEarn Expert on Twitter @Credearn as I will be releasing regular updates. Check out my First Investment write up and look out for my second investment too. If you want to learn more about me, see CredEarn Expert – Who Am I?

If you are interested you can join Uphold and CredEarn. Please DYOR!

To learn more about CredEarn please look at CRED’s FAQ Page.