CredEarn Investment – Number 2

This post is a quick write up of my second investment in a CredEarn program. It follows on from the post of my first investment. If you aren’t familiar with me or CredEarn please feel free to check out Who Am I? and What is CredEarn?

I’ve explained in an earlier post that there will be TWO CredEarn investment program start dates per month. 15th March 2019 was the second date for the month of March and my second overall.

Which Asset Did I Choose for CredEarn Invesment 2?

This time I chose to commit bitcoin to compare it with my XRP investment and because it offers a return of 10% annually. At the time to earn 10% you were not required to hold any LBA tokens, even though I already had 10k, but since then CRED has lowered the default rate to 8% and gives access to the higher rate when you hold LBA.

CredEarn New Rates

Just like the first time, the bitcoin was committed to CredEarn automatically from Uphold. Then the dashboard was updated to show the changes:

CredEarn Program Number 2
Updated CredEarn Dashboard

CredEarn Program – What to look out for

The next program start date is April 1st and I will be investing in UPUSD, the new USD stablecoin by the Universal Protocol Alliance. It’s interesting because nothing comes close to providing 10% interest on dollars.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter for all my updates. Soon I will make a post explaining all the latest information from CRED.

If you are interested you can join Uphold and CredEarn. Please Do Your Own Research! I am not a financial or investment advisor and my content is for information only.

CredEarn Expert.