CredEarn Investment – Number 3 – XRP & LBA

Hello! This is my latest CredEarn XRP Investment update. This follows on from my second investment update. If this is your first time here check out Who Am I? , What is CredEarn? and my first write-up.

The 3rd Investment should have been on April 1st but I left it too late to make that strike date, so my most recent investment was the 15th April. My note to self is to commit my crypto assets 2 days beforehand in future.

Investment Asset

In my last post I committed BTC to CredEarn and I mentioned that my next investment would be UPUSD at 10% interest. Since then I’ve decided to only commit XRP for the foreseeable future.

XRP CredEarn Investments

There are a couple of reasons for this. The important ones for me are that I already hold 10k LBA, so I get 9% interest on XRP and Uphold no longer charges withdrawal fees for XRP.

Uphold Eliminated XRP Withdrawal Fees

CredEarn Dashboard

CredEarn XRP Expert LBA Cred Earn
CredEarn Dashboard

420 XRP was committed to the latest program (for no reason in particular 👀). This had a strike price of $138.31, so the interest will be $3.11 on July 15th & the same on October 15th.

My total assets with CredEarn is now $645 and you should be able to see that as I continue to invest and when the payouts begin on June 1st, I will get interest payouts every 2 weeks (Except for the investment I missed on April 1st).

Future CredEarn XRP Investments

The next strike date is May 1st and I will be committing XRP again. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for all my updates.

If you are interested you can join Uphold and CredEarn. Please Do Your Own Research! I am not a financial or investment advisor and my content is for information only.

CredEarn Expert.