8% Interest – British Pounds GBP with CredEarn + LBA

For those who don’t know me I’m based in the UK so my native currency is the British Pound Sterling, GBP. I’ve been an investor in CredEarn for 2 months now and I’m really excited at the rate they announce new products.

The latest and most exciting announcement for me is that they will offer interest on GBP with CredEarn (They previously announced the same for EUR and USD).

Cred offer 8% interest on GBP

8% interest will be offered to customers that hold over 10,000 LBA tokens in CredEarn and 3% for those without. You can think of LBA as a utility token, much like Binance Coin BNB granting holders special benefits.

Why the Excitement?

I’m so excited because it’s impossible to get interest like this for GBP anywhere else. So it’s an opportunity to get high yields, without holding crypto. I think it will be enticing for anyone looking to dip their toes into the crypto space.

Of course we don’t have the same assurances like FSCS in case anything goes wrong and this is a risk that needs to be considered before investing. I never plan to have my life savings in a CredEarn program and I suggest anyone reading this doesn’t either.

If you are interested you can join Uphold and CredEarn. Please Do Your Own Research! I am not a financial or investment advisor and my content is for information only.

CredEarn Expert.