CredEarn Expert – Who Am I?

CredEarn Expert has been a crypto asset investor since early 2017 and is based in the UK. Don’t know what CredEarn is? Click Here.

Trying to find better ways to make money work harder is a bit of an obsession. A few years ago I really started to pay attention when I saw that my saver account was making just 0.2% interest. With inflation I was losing money.

The Money Saving Expert became my bible for savings and finding neat tricks to earn more. I used switching offers and automation to make my money work that little bit harder. It hooked me and I started talking to my family and friends about it. When we talked and I reflected on my own experiences it became clear how unaware most people are. With a little bit of effort my savings went from 0.2% to a healthy 15% including the extras. It was satisfying but I wanted more.


Work hard and save for retirement! Stocks are volatile, you could lose everything! That was drilled into me at home, especially after 2008…
At face value it’s reasonable advice. My answer now? If I work hard and save it somewhere that doesn’t beat inflation, when I retire I will be broke. Why aren’t we taught this stuff properly in school?

As someone in their 20s looking to break into stocks for the first time, I was overwhelmed by everything. The barrier to entry felt too high and I understood why the majority of people avoid it. I persisted anyway and ended up investing in an emerging market fund. It felt old, laboured and totally and utterly boring.

Enter Crypto

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013 but I thought it had peaked. Oops…

CredEarn Expert Bitcoin 2013
Bitcoin clearly peaking in 2013

In 2017 I heard people were earning hundreds of % on crypto. Obviously I was interested and got involved. By the end of 2017 I saw the most money I had ever seen and in Jan 2018 I saw it collapse. I took some profits but my greed was powerful.

That failure has been a great lesson for me and if anything, has made me into the CredEarn Expert. I’ve seen all the developments and watched the projects come on massively since the bubble. I’m convinced crypto is here to stay. I might not be the only one:

So why CredEarn Expert?

I want to build my wealth with the newest asset class. I will still be holding my crypto assets in 20 years. CredEarn allows me to make more interest than any saver and keep hold of my crypto assets. What’s not to love?


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